Pixel Kingdom Playing Cards by Plan52


  • Printed by USPCC
  •  Fulfilled by Gambler’s Warehouse (US & International) and 52 Wonders (EU)
  •  Premium Bee Stock
  •  Air Cushion Finish
  •  Traditionally Cut
  •  Custom Tuck Box with Embossing and Gold Foil produced by Gambler’s Warehouse
  •  Crushed Stock 
  •  1000 print run

In stock

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Welcome to the Pixel Kingdom: A land of the past, a land of fairy tales and legends. Many stories are still told about its former glory, fame and fortune, love and laughter, myth, and mystery.

Yet the once fabled kingdom collapsed when the old king died without an heir. After chaos settled, four new kings took power and divided the country into four kingdoms. They are either fighting or keeping a fragile peace, but more immediate danger is lurking from all sides. Other powers are slowly turning their eyes to what was once so legendary. Who will unite the Pixel Kingdom and take its crown to defend it, will you?


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