Priory (Primary) Edition Playing Cards by Encarded


The bold colors and sweeping lines of Priory may look modern, but the design is inspired by a small fresco motif found in a French church priory built in the 13th century.

The Primary Edition is numbered 1-1500 and sealed with a custom holographic seal. The tuck box is printed on a heavy duty gloss white cardstock with embossing and full coverage inks that highlight the bold colors of the Priory.

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About Priory

Priory is designed for motion and the repeated and rotated combination creates a dynamic visual movement that draws the eye back and forth across the design. Edge details mean that fans look amazing, and the unique coloring combination will certainly stand out from the crowd.

Every element is customized. Modern and unique pips adorn each face and the court figures feature bold and bright colors and reversed inks to create a visual impact.

Printed by the Expert Playing Card company on their latest Stud finish, the card feel is light and snappy, with excellent smoothness for fans and spreads. The cards measure out to a thin 15.5mm, vs 16.2mm or more for our previous decks. The deck faros easily and should handle well for both cardistry, sleights and general gaming use.

As with all Encarded decks, Priory will not be printed again. Most limited Encarded released sell quickly, so don’t miss out on this dynamic new addition to the Encarded catalog!


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