Royales Players Edition Marked Deck


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Ultra luxurious, masterfully marked and dangerously simple to read.

Once you know the secrets, the Noir Royales Players Edition allows you to identify any card at single glace using it’s elegantly designed and simple to use bespoke marking system.

Masterfully camouflaged into the luxury ‘Players’ casino-style design, these stealthy Royales feature multiple marking features in one deck!

A versatile weapon of mass deception suitable for a multitude of handlings, including reading the identity of cards held vertically in the hand while dealing, horizontally during table work, and even one-way markings.

Dressed in rich black and metallic gold ink, they’re the height of sophistication amongst the Royales collection. Covert, stealthy and full of secrets, they’re the ultimate compliment to any magicians, gamblers or connoisseurs card collection.

Beautiful but deadly, these Noir Players are the only marked Royales deck.


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