Sirius B v2 & v4 “Infinite Self Esteem” hand cut playing cards by 3Decks Designs


Limited Edition of ONLY 5 Decks!

  • These early models used plexiglass instead of real 1/4″ thick glass as seem in the price savings
  • 2-way mirrors
  • LED pack with replaceable 2032 batteries

Please note: These products are made by hand so there will be slight differences and each one takes roughly 8 hours to build.

If you go looking for imperfections, you will find them.


Sometimes alternative tucks are used.

In stock

We ship all our decks in one of our free plastic deck protectors for their safety and your peace of mind!
All orders of 4, 6 or 10 decks will be shipped in one one of our storage gift boxes for free!

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hand cut playing cards with LEDs and mirrors

Skyler Hoffman is an artist and collector from California.
He has been intrigued with the possibilities of a deck of playing cards since he first discovered magic as a child, and he has been cooking professionally for almost just as long.
This art form allows him to combine his knife skills with his love for playing cards.
Everything is created by hand.



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