Tales of Spuds Playing Cards by Hoang Nguyen


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The inspiration for this desk started with the feeling of nostalgia. Growing up in an Asian household, my parents used to decorate our house with scroll paintings of origins of Chinese and Japanese culture. Since then, I have always wanted to illustrate a design onto a deck of cards, like an art piece that you can enjoy and hold to play with.

Knowing I could not do justice to the art pieces from the past, I decided to pick out my favorite parts of the paintings and fashion them with a modern twist. In addition to its elegance, there are various potatoes scattered across the back design to create a fun element for your eyes to enjoy!

I have excitedly collaborated with the talented designer, Edo Huang, known for his works such as Svngali, Mantecore, Waves, and many more.  Personally being a fan of his works since forever ago, I thought who else would do a greater job bringing this deck to life other than him.

What features does the back include?

  • The back features a one-way hand drawn painting, scattered with potato characters across the back design.

Recognizing that most playing card designs are usually a two way back, Edo and I went through variations of a two way back deck, but nothing was hitting the mark. We ultimately decided that the deck has to be a long piece of artwork to create that painting vibe the traditional paintings possess. As we reached the end of the design process, I felt like there was still something missing about the artwork that I could not pinpoint yet. The deck did not have its own identity to separate from other painting inspired decks, until something sprouted into mind: POTATOES! As silly as it may be, how could I not include potato characters into the deck when the whole brand is all about SPUDS.


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