Wisteria Playing Cards by Samuel Gordon and Daniel Newton


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Wisteria by Found Playing Cards
The Wisteria project treads the path between vintage and modern. The project began with the inspiration of classic cinema and was emboldened by the nostalgia of film photography.

Back Design
The deck itself is designed around a film photo that was renewed and transformed to create something new. The simplicity of the back design is meant to let the hues and values in the photo take center stage in setting the tone of the deck. A four-pointed star breaks the photo into four sections, acting like a window into the world of the cards. On the outside of the box, the star design is inverted, acting as a symbol that sticks in the viewer’s mind.

Face Design
The courts were inspired by strong typography and hold true to the legacy of classic Arrco faces. This allows for the “window” theme to carry through to this element of the design. The striking result leaves a pleasant balance between cardistry-driven boldness and magic influenced subtlety.

Print details
Decks are printed in a run of 1,000 by USPCC on their classic stock.
Decks include 2 themed cards featuring film photos that contributed to the project. Also included is an alternate-backed card for magic purposes. Direction is by Samuel Gordon, design by Daniel Newton, and funding by the cardistry community via Kickstarter.


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