52Pixel Bicycle Nintendo Game Console Playing Card Collector’s Set by USPCC


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1. Twelve months in the making,The first playing card collection set designed with the concept of FAMICOM (Nintendo Entertainment System).

2. Only 700 sets on Kickstarter. Printed by USPCC.  56 completely custom playing cards.

3. Each Collector Set contains 3 decks of cards: One Red and One Blue Bicycle® PIXEL Playing Cards + One Special Edition deck in white(Only 1000 printed in each color).

4. High cost-effective, only the kickstarter backer enjoys the exclusive price : Each Collector Set Only $35 (Retail Value $55).


What a crazy idea and good looking!Definitely a collection that you have never seen.Bicycle® PIXEL Playing Cards Collector Set’s design is strongly inspired by the Family Computer.

Lined with comfortable velvet and sponge, there are two empty slots for a pair of red and blue PIXEL Playing Cards.

Not only the game console but also the gamepad are cleverly restored, did I mention that there is a special edition deck hidden in the gamepad?

Limited to 700,that would be a very interesting and meaningful Playing Cards Collector Set.


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