Project BM, aka The Black Market Playing Cards by Thirdway Industries


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The deck features stunning gold metallic ink on the box and cards with transparent UV details on the box, back, visible only with a blacklight. Printed by the USPCC.

Designer Giovanni Meroni hasn’t given us much information except that the deck is part of Project BM, aka The Black Market, a libertarian, secret trade company that sells extraordinary items to its members.  Here is the catch… the Black Market deck is only available for a limited time with the right password. We were warned that the secret password can change without notice and the broker may increase the price with each password reset! After hearing chatter about the deck, we pulled some strings and finally managed to get our hands on one deck. Wow! This is probably Giovanni’s best work yet! We are blown away! Beautiful artwork, incredible details, and cool narrative! Like all Thirdway decks, there are secrets to discover!



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